Mahmood Saeed Glass Industry Company

Established in 1992, MSGlassCo. is an ISO 22000:2005 & ISO 9000 certified leading manufacturer and exporter of excellent quality products based in Jeddah, K.S.A. Having the capacity to produce 400 tons of glass products per day using latest state-of-the-art technology.

Our product ranges are Stemware, Tableware (Plain, Printed, Gold Banded), Perfume & Cosmetic glass bottles and containers, Glass Jars & Containers for food and beverage products…, etc

We are a company with strong values. We are committed to acting lawfully, ethically and in a way which respects both the different cultures and the dignity and rights of individuals in all our business operation. We do not tolerate, in any form or context, the use of servitude, forced or bonded labor, human trafficking, or slavery, in our company and any part of our supply chain.

Our Vision

Being recognized as one of the world leaders in Glass industry. We believe that leadership is not just about size; it is also about organizational behavior and customer trust too. We recognize that the trust is earned only over a long period of time by consistently delivering on our promises. These objectives and behaviors are summarized in the simple phrase, “To Meet Our Clients Expectations and Trust”, a phrase that sums up our Company ambition.

Our Mission

To ensure that MSGLASSCO is a quality and reliable producer of glassware, meeting and exceeding customer’s expectation while achieving stakeholder objectives.